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Why Join Yewtrade

At Yewtrade you will have access to new potential customers for your product or service. You will conserve cash in your business while you pay for expenses with your own goods and services that you would ordinarily have paid cash for. Trading is a management tool that improves your bottom line.

Trading your goods and services on the exchange is a much more efficient and profitable way of utilising your spare capacity or selling excess stock than offering a discount. When you offer a discount on your goods you are sacrificing some of your profit margin whereas when you trade on the exchange you get full value.


Fill Downtime

Becoming a member opens up a new customer base for your business that are financially incentivised to use your services and so you can accept this business reducing your downtime or you can sell off your excess inventory without having sacrifice your profits by giving a discount.


Increase Turnover

As a member you will have new business you wouldn't have had before and your turnover will be increased as a result. You can then use the trade pounds you have received from this extra business to purchase expenses you would normally have paid cash for.


Improve Cashflow

Many of us have vast bills to pay before getting anywhere near into profit. Being able to use Yewtrade to pay for goods and services which we need to run our businesses and for our own leisure will alleviate massive cash flow pressure and help you navigate through pretty tricky times. This means that you can conserve cash within your business or personal bank account to weather any lurking storm.


Increase Profits

If you pay for your expenses at a discount with business you otherwise wouldn't have had (with trade pounds) your profits go up.


Get New Loyal Customers

You will gain lots of satisfied new customers who will likely tell others giving you some free additional advertising. These customers will have received a discount even though you received full value for your goods or service. This means they will be loyal, generating repeat recurring business and giving you an edge over your competition.


Move Excess Inventory

When you have excess inventory you need to move you will be able to get full value for it by selling it to Yewtrade members instead of offering a discount or holding a clearance sale and sacrificing valuable profits.


Improve Networking

In the member's area you can join in the forum discussions and a chat and build relationships with fellow Yewtraders in the chat room. We also hold regular networking events where you can meet us and fellow Yewtraders face-to-face and as a result generate extra business for you.

Why People Use Yewtrade

Watch the videos to find out why our members recommend Yewtrade.


Members of the Yewtrade Exchange can pay for their business expenses with their own goods and services and thereby get a large discount.

Using our barter system allows members to fill downtime in their business and so become more efficient and more profitable.

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