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Who is Barter For

Barter can be employed to increase profits and improve cashflow for a wide range of businesses. If you think it is not for you then challenge us and one of our experienced advisors will take a look at your business and unless you have a business that truly won't benefit from becoming a member will explain to you how Yewtrade can be used in your specific situation to increase your profitibility.


Anyone who has something to sell

Whether you are a charity trying to explore raising more funds, a one-man band, a start-up or small business or a large multinational, it matters not. Yewtrade is about creating a new economic community which trades trade with trade to make everybody more profitable and sustainable.


You don’t have to be limited company or formally constituted

As long as you are willing to accept our terms of trading and sell your goods or services on Yewtrade you can join.


All you need is a product or service to sell

All you need to do is undertake to trade your goods or services on the network in return for our currency and then use our currency to pay for expenses for your business.

How it Works For Different Sectors

Barter is the oldest form of trade and can work for many different industries. The following examples should give you an idea of how it may work for your industry.


Members of the Yewtrade Exchange can pay for their business expenses with their own goods and services and thereby get a large discount.

Using our barter system allows members to fill downtime in their business and so become more efficient and more profitable.

Our Contacts

International House
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Phone: 07710 569375
Email: info@yewtrade.com