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How it Works

Click on the boxes below to see how bartering saves you cash and some real examples that illustrate how both parties benefit from the trade.

How it Saves Cash

See how the trade pounds results in extra cash for you

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Cleaner and Solicitor

An example trade showing a basic trade and how both parties benefit

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Restaurant and Printer

An example showing how bartering is more efficient than offering discounts

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Membership Benefits

There are numerous benefits to joining Yewtrade some of which are outlined below.


Get large discounts on all your expenses

As a member you will have new business you wouldn't have had before and your turnover will be increased as a result. You can then use the trade pounds you have received from this extra business to purchase expenses you would normally have paid cash for. If the profit margin of your business is 50% then the discount you receive on all your expenses when you pay in trade pounds will also be 50%. If your profit margin is 90% then your discount will be 90%.


Interest Free Credit Clearing Facility

Yewtrade provides an interest free line of credit that reduces the cost of funding working capital.


Realise value of under-utilised assets

Rather than discounting to sell assets or time at a discount, members can sell their goods and services for their full value in trade pounds and then exchange the trade pounds for something the business needs that is supplied by another member.


Access to Networking Events

Becoming a member opens up a new customer base for your business reducing your downtime or your excess inventory. Yewtrade provides numerous networking opportunities at regular networking events and also allows you to network with other members by participating in the online forum discussions.


Advisory Board

If you have a business issue or problem then other members will be ready to offer advice from their experiences on the forum and in the chat room. There is also an advisory panel that will look at your business issues and problems and be able to put you in touch with an expert. This can be especially helpful if your business is just starting up or you are unsure how to tackle a problem facing your business.


Increased Employee Satisfaction

You can save on high recruitment costs by retaining good employees. By opening linked accounts for your employees and paying them a bonus in Yewtrade pounds you can show your staff how much you appreciate them. These trade pound bonuses cost you a lot less than their perceived value in the same way that you receive a discount on other expenses. If your profit margin was 75%, you could give an employee a £100 trade pound bonus and it would only cost you £25. You probably wouldn't bother giving a £25 bonus if you weren't a Yewtrade member but this facility allows you to show your staff that you value them without it costing you the earth. Your employees can spend their Yewtrade bonus free of any charges.


Give more to your favourite Charites

Because your trade pound costs you much less than £1 sterling you can afford to be more generous to your favourite charities. This is also good for your PR.


Members of the Yewtrade Exchange can pay for their business expenses with their own goods and services and thereby get a large discount.

Using our barter system allows members to fill downtime in their business and so become more efficient and more profitable.

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