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How Barter Works for Restaurants and the Entertainment Industry


eing successful in the restaurant industry is hard work as it is one of the most competitive markets to be involved in. Restaurants are constantly competing with other restaurants in the local area who continuously advertise taking away your potential customers. Then there is the additional challenge of turning the customer into a repeat customer.

As a member of Yewtrade, we guarantee your restaurant new customers and less empty tables. These new customers will simply be eating at your empty tables giving you the opportunity to showcase your restaurant and increase your word of mouth advertising. This will inevitably end in extra cash customers too.

Is your restaurant operating for many hours a week at less than 100% capacity? If it is then Yewtrade can bring you the additional customers you want while assisting in lowering your expenses.

You can use the Yews you've generated from this extra business to pay for equipment, ingredients, printing, cleaning, uniforms and property maintenance allowing you to improve your cashflow and profits.



Members of the Yewtrade Exchange can pay for their business expenses with their own goods and services and thereby get a large discount.

Using our barter system allows members to fill downtime in their business and so become more efficient and more profitable.

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