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How Barter can work for the Education and Training Industry


t doesn't matter what you are teaching or instructing. There are any number of things that can be taught and whether you're teaching Maths, Languages, Martial Arts, Yoga, IT Skills or whatever other skill there are often spare places in the fitness studio or classroom. You are giving your time to conduct the class and so it is of paramount importance that you get the make the most of your most valuable asset, your time.

Whether it is personal one to one lessons or group instruction making sure your classrooms and calendars are full plays a crucial role in how profitable your business can and should be. As a member of Yewtrade we guarantee to bring you additional students you need.

Why teach a class of 10 students when you can teach the same to 20 with no increase in your costs? Why only teach for 3 hours a day when your schedule can accommodate five or six?

At Yewtrade we can turn your underutilized time into valuable new income that you can use on equipment, travel, advertising or personal expenses. The extra word-of-mouth advertising will also increase your new cash business too making you much more profitable.



Members of the Yewtrade Exchange can pay for their business expenses with their own goods and services and thereby get a large discount.

Using our barter system allows members to fill downtime in their business and so become more efficient and more profitable.

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