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How Barter can work for the Advertising Industry


any business's will do a barter trade in return for advertising on an ad-hoc basis but finding the advertising firm that currently requires your services can be a hit and miss exercise.

As a member of the Yewtrade network you can trade your excess inventory with other members for Yews without the hassle of finding an advertising company that wants your services. You can keep your staff focussed on generating new business and retaining your current clientele. In times of austerity, less and less is being spent on advertising Yewtrade provides our members with the financial resources to keep their profile in the public perception.

From the advertising agency or media's perspective you are still able to do business with those companies who have rejected your cash proposals.

Your Yewtrade Account Manager will work closely with you focussing on the barter possibilities so that you aren't distracted from your usual business and ensuring that you can acquire the products and services you need through the extra revenue generated from bartering your spare capacity. This extra revenue enables you to purchase advertising, printing, goods branded with your company details, signs, banners and to fund corporate entertainment that ordinarily wouldn't be in the budget. This can then generate extra sales revenue and grow your business.



Members of the Yewtrade Exchange can pay for their business expenses with their own goods and services and thereby get a large discount.

Using our barter system allows members to fill downtime in their business and so become more efficient and more profitable.

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