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Bath Races? Not on Your Nelly Says Group of Yewtraders

Those attending Ladies Day at Bath Races on June 15th were in with a chance of winning but a group of Yewtraders all managed to win with no risk.  The venue was the cosy Old Station café on Manvers Street in the centre of Bath.  Fellow Yewtraders were able to sample from the wide range of freshly prepared paninis, wraps, baguettes, soups and salads.  I had the falafel, which was delicious, a large latte and a house smoothie.

“I think it’s fab that I can go into a café and pay for my food and drink with my Yewtrade pounds just using my phone.  It’s so simple!” said Gina Mann, who runs Zest For Life.

The networking event was a perfect illustration of how Yewtrade works since The Old Station had some spare tables that they were able to fill with Yewtraders.  Instead of those tables remaining empty and receiving nothing they were able to sell their food and drink on a 50% cash, 50% Yewtrade basis providing all the Yewtraders present a discount on their lunch.  They will now be able to use those Yewtrade pounds for something they would have spent cash on and thereby save the cash in their business.

At the event, the attendees were able to mingle, make connections and learned of new business opportunities.  Throughout the afternoon there were also several businesses that were interested in joining Yewtrade that simply dropped by because they had seen the event advertised on the website.  We were able to show them Yewtrade in action as we bought coffees and also answer their questions and show how Yewtrade would be beneficial to their business.

Martin, who runs a business providing online training courses was dubious at first because he was committed to using his graphic designer and accountant due to friend and familial ties with the owners of those businesses. He was pleased when he discovered he could source legal and translation services on Yewtrade that were both very important for his business.

“This has a lot of potential”, Martin from Amatis Training Limited said.

Others were interested in learning about the new Ambassador Program as a means of earning a passive income of up to £95,000 in only three years and so all the attendees gained something beneficial to them.

“It is important for us to hold regular network meetings for members so that they can make connections, gain new business and give feedback to Yewtrade on how they can continue to improve the services offered.  It has been a very fruitful afternoon,” said Rich Cleverley, the CEO of Fides Limited a company which specialises in amongst other things helping those in the military to comfortably access civvy land.

Mark Collins, the CEO of Signs Express Bath extolled when asked about the possibility of banners and signs, that he could do it. That is exactly what Yewtrade is about. Birds of a feather flocking together. From legal services to accountancy services, to banners, design work and graphics, to food and drink and hotels, we are all part of this very exciting Resource Revolution.  Viva La Revolution……..



Members of the Yewtrade Exchange can pay for their business expenses with their own goods and services and thereby get a large discount.

Using our barter system allows members to fill downtime in their business and so become more efficient and more profitable.

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